Pre-Photography Home Prep


At Industrial Iris Studio we know that once you’ve made the decision to sell your home, getting it on the market involves a lot of decisions and efforts on your part.  That is why we want to make things easier for you and help your Realtor be successful by providing you with this list on preparing your home for being photographed.   Buyers start their search for a home online and a well-photographed home creates a great first impression, which can grab their attention. We want the images of your home to make a buyer click on your home to see more about it!




  •       Prep will take longer than expected, so once you know when your photoshoot will be it’s time to get started.
  •       Items you don’t want to show in the photographs must be completely hidden from view.
  •       Thoroughly clean the whole house:  vacuum the carpet, mop hard floors, clean countertops, kitchen and bathroom sinks and clean windows.
  •       Replace all burned out lightbulbs.  (We will be turning on all the lights in each room when shooting.)
  •       Use light bulbs of the same temperature and type. ( ALL Incandescent, ALL LED or ALL Compact Fluorescent)
  •       Remove personal photographs and/or replace with art works.  (LANDSCAPES, PAINTINGS, POTTERY, ETC.)
  •       Place all clothing and shoes in closets.
  •       Hide trashcans.
  •       Remove visible water hoses.




Kitchen:     Often one of the most important rooms buyers view.

Clear countertops completely.   (One small appliance left on counter max.)

Free outside of refrigerator of magnets, papers, photos, etc.


Dining Room table:    Create a space people want to sit for a meal.

Clear table, dust and polish the tabletop.

Feature one center piece such as a bouquet or pottery piece.

Remove child seats/booster chairs.


Living Room:    Envision a space to enjoy conversations and spend quality time.

Remove stacks of magazines and books.

Declutter fireplace mantel/hearth.  No more than 3-5 items.


Master Bedroom:     Create a restful place.

Clear nightstands of personal items.

Store away phone/tablet/etc charging cables.

Remove clutter from top of dressers.

Remove family photos from walls.

Clean under bed and remove items that may show in photos.


Guest and Kid’s Bedrooms:     Make look clear and uncluttered.

Same as Master Bedroom and …

Remove personalized nicknames or initials from walls.

Remove diaper items.


Bathrooms:    Clean, open and spa-like.

Clean the mirrors and drop the lid on each toilet.

Clear countertops completely. NO soap, toothbrushes, medications, deodorant, etc.

Remove shampoo, soap, loofah’s, etc from showers and tubs.

Remove dirty towels – put out only new, unused towels.

Remove floor mats.


Pets:        Pets are great, but their presence should be minimized.

Place food and water bowls in pantry or closet along with pet toys, carriers and bedding.




FRONT EXTERIOR:     Creating “Curb Appeal”

Move cars out of the driveway to a place away from the driveway.

Remove empty planters.

Clean up landscaping.  (Mow, trim shrubs, clear leaves.)

Clear cobwebs and nests from eaves and door frames.

Remove visible water hoses.


BACK YARD:        Creating an Oasis

Clean off porch, tidy up outdoor tables/chairs/cushions.

If pool is present – clean pool, remove pool vacuum hoses and pool cleaning supplies.

Clear out toys, balls, water hoses, etc.






Include an informational video with these tips also.