Our Process

It begins with listening!



One  We want to know what you see as being the most important impression you want to make on your customers and employees.  We’ll take the time to sit down and talk about your needs, we can even do a free quick-start session to just answer basic questions with a FaceTime, Skype or Google Hangout video call.

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two.fw  We will visit your space with you to see what type of art will work best in your space and the best way to install it.  During this time we will talk more about the “vibe” you want to give your spaces and the theme behind the art that will help define your business to your employees and customers.  We will get into the details of  your theme, image sizes, frames, mat colors, hanging solutions and budget. With the ideas we develop with you, we will select from our images, including creating new images and compositing images, to create art displays that will create an ambiance that makes your business stand out in your customers minds.


three.fw  We will pull together a lightbox of images and put them online for you to review, along with a price quote.  To help keep to your budget, we can utilize a variety of substrates that will give you the best bang for your bucks.


four.fw  Within 48 hours of finalizing your order we will have your prints coming off of the printer and getting them installation ready.